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Cyberdog shop masterpost

Cyberdog is a cool online clothing shop for cyberpunk couture. While searching aimlessly, I found some pretty amazing cosplay items that I felt deserved to be posted here.

(quick note, the website does have flashing gifs on it. The links I am posting, however, do not, but if you wanted to search it yourself…you know, just a heads-up)

This shirt would be great for either a grimdark!Rose, or a fancy Rose cosplay, it was the first item that caught my eye and is rather cheap compared to the other items:

These boots are a bit expensive, but would make an amazing addition to a robotic cosplay:

And while on the topic of robots, why not a full robot shirt (switch color to silver):

Or a robot dress, for Jadebot’s model:

Or robot arm socks!:

They make the metallic items in mens sizes as well, for Brobots:

And this coat would be great for a Sawtooth costume (change color to black):

And finally, a 12 AM dress (or pretty darn close!):

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