Stuck on Homestuck Cosplay?
Read before heading to a Convention.

Cons and Homestuck cosplayers, in my experience, have never gone hand in hand.

  • If you don’t like an anime/manga/TV show/ fandom DO NOT BE RUDE. I get that some fandoms dont have that many fans, but when someone comes and downright insults you for liking something, you will not be happy.
  • Don’t cause a scene.  I’m saying this in particular because Homestuck is a growing fandom, and probably a lot of people will be cosplaying Homestuck at the next con you go to. When i was into APH, we had the same problem, and many cosplayers had to bee booted out of the con because of their obscene rudeness.
  • Watch your language. As time goes on, cons open their arms to younger and younger kids; and they’re not always as used to hearing swear words. A group of people who sang the full “I’m Awesome” song in the main lobby at the top of their lungs were rightfully kicked out. Also, don’t prance around swearing like a pirate, because I know that I saw two adorable little 6 year old cosplayers at a con last year, whose dad was not so happy with some behavior.
  • speaking of behavior, behave yourself. Cons dont have babysitting rooms so you’re going to have to look after yourself. Please, be kind and  DO NOT START FIGHTS. That is like con suicide.
  • DO. NOT. STEAL. My first year conning, my purse was open and everything I had spilled out. An older man saw this, picked them up and gave me everything back, including my wallet, which still had all the money in it. None of my stuff was lost, and I was very thankful and a lot more on guard  for the rest of the con.  I haven’t had to deal with stealing, but I’ve heard its’ a little bit of a big deal nowadays.
  • People will not like Homestuck. Not everyone jumps for joy at it. Do not be rude, sassy, or snobby to anyone who dislikes Homestuck, even if they’re being a complete ass. Be the better person. It will make you look calmer, and smarter. And it will give Homestuck a much better name than stomping around and being a baby.
  • Lastly, don’t make fun of others especially about their cosplay. Everyone has a first time cosplaying. I’ve conned a few times and have seen from the best, to the most simple, i-made-everything-at-home-in-a-week. People will do whatever they want for their cosplay, and you need to respect that. I like seeing different cosplays, and often get pictures of the very unique ones, even if they aren’t as good, to not only save as a picture reference, but to see them feel better about themselves. Every cosplay is amazing and wonderful. Please, please respect others and they will repsect you.

These aren’t your average con guidelines, I hope you know how to behave. Thank you for reading :)

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