Stuck on Homestuck Cosplay?
Dealing with younger homestucks (A rant by a 13 year old)

Hello, I am going to pitch in my 2 cents about con etiquette.

Now a lot of younger cosplayers get a bad rep about how they act BUT sometimes it isn’t always the kid. Sometimes the older person in the situation overreacts, but that isn’t always the case either. 

Dear kids, BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR ELDERS. You will want to refrain from running around and screaming. If you act mature, older people will treat you with respect. 

Dear older people, don’t judge the child’s cosplay: they might be new. And a trick I learned is if you have a camera, ask them if you can take their picture cause it will make them feel really good about themselves. ALSO this is something I went through (not at a con but on omegle) IF A YOUNG CHILD HAS BRACES, DON’T JUDGE THEIR COSPLAY SKILLS OFF OF THE FACT THEY HAVE METAL APPLIANCES ON THEIR TEETH. I was and still am judged because of that. Also, don’t make fun of kids being escorted around by parents, because a lot of the time it is mandatory  for younger kids to go to certain cons. 

So you get the point but there is much more to cover but this is it without taking up the whole blog. 

so tl;dr:

  • kids, respect the older people (and vice versa)
  • don’t judge kids (OR ANYONE) on their cosplay skills
  • don’t judge them on things they don’t have control over (aka braces and stuff)

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Mod Note: Sorry if I changed any meanings too much, I wanted to make the post a bit more legible and point out a few healthy behaviors.

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