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Troll Ears

I’ve been through most of the pages on this blog and I’ve yet to see this, but maybe I just missed it.

Anyways, this is not necessarily a “must have” but something that I would definitely suggest. A lot of times I see trolls with pointy ears in fan art, and I like how it looks. My friend actually linked me to this site where you can buy fake elf ears for relatively cheap.

This is what they look like when on (mine are unpainted since that’s the cheapest you can buy them and they literally just came in):

They are, quite literally, just an ear cap that goes right over the top of your ear. This pair in particular was $10.00, and the spirit gum and remover were $3.00 each. Since the order was under $20.00, the shipping was $5.75, but I think it was worth it.

The good thing about these ears, is that if you have your cartilage pierced (like I do) they completely cover the earring (so long as you have a hoop in) and you don’t need to remove it! :) I ordered these a few days ago, and I didn’t expect them to come in so quick.

The ears themselves are made of costume-grade latex and hypoallergenic baby powder, so if you have a latex allergy, I’m not sure if I’d recommend these. 

I’m definitely satisfied with them, though, and I do plan to paint them with my Snazaroo that came in yesterday (which I also highly recommend. I was able to buy three different colors of Snazaroo for $21 and they’re good-sized containers that will definitely last a long time)

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    For anyone who was having some trouble with Homestuck cosplay! Specifically the ears. -Kalyn
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    Thank you so much! One other suggestion of Snazaroo was all I needed~
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    you can also make them yourself if you want to have a more original look, like how I am making Tavros ears with a more...
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