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Bro/Sis Strider Glasses

So I’ve seen a few questions on here on making Bro/Sis Strider glasses, and I thought I’d try my hand at giving advice, as I made a pair and was going as Sis until I lost them.

Right, so;

What I did was I went to Home Depot and bought a sheet of clear plexiglass. It was about 9x11” (not sure of the exact size, as I cut it up and don’t have the label any more) and about six or seven dollars. This is probably the best size to get, especially if it’s your first time working with plexiglass, because this way you’ll have extra. I messed up twice on this piece and still had enough room for a third try.

Be careful not to get it too thick, or you won’t be able to cut it; Don’t go over 2/16 of an inch.

Also in Home Depot, they sell plexiglass cutters, which is a sort of knife made specially for plexiglass. It cost about six bucks, too, so your total will be about twelve dollars, which really isn’t that bad.

BUT, and this is a but because probably not many people own one, but if you own a jewelry saw you can just use that, which is what I did. If you don’t own one, just get the plexiglass cutter, as it cost a lot less.

For cutting, USE A SHARPIE TO OUTLINE FIRST. The plexiglass is sold with a protective plastic covering to stop scratches, and I recommend keeping it on until you’re totally done cutting and filing. Use a ruler to outline. If you’re using the plexiglass cutter, use the ruler to cut it, also, to keep the lines as straight as possible.

If you’re using a jewelry saw, first score the lines a few times with an exacto knife or similar tool and a ruler, then cut. This will keep the lines as straight as you possibly can.

A ruler is your friend. It will make for less sanding later. Trust me on this.

After cutting, you’ll probably have to sand or file the sides with sandpaper or a file, if you have one. You’ll need to dull the corners a bit so that you don’t accidentally poke your eyes out. So spend a bit of time on this making the edges smooth and neat.

For dying…I’ve found a few methods, and haven’t fully tested any of them, as I lost my plastic. For dying, I’d suggest testing it on scrap plastic before doing it on your finished product.

The first method I have to suggest is this, although I don’t know how helpful it will be, as it doesn’t specify specific measurements.

This one is the same method, but a little more specific as to times and measurements.

Also maybe look through this thread.

Or, when buying the plexiglass, you can ask someone at Home Depot for their professional opinion.

I hope I was helpful to someone somehow! Cheers!

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