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Good Cronus wig!

I noticed that there aren’t many good Cronus wigs out there, but this one is the one i’m getting for my cronus cosplay.

submitted by skrillbooty

God tier Wing and Harness Turtorial

I recently made Sollux and Equius God Tier wings. People seemed interested so I made a tutorial for how I made the wings and the attaching harness.

photography by Jscosplayphoto

Harness tutorial

Wings Tutorial

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Nice porrim wig
submitted by amberawitney
These would make great eyelashes for Vriska or Kanaya! I found these at Ulta. There are also purple ones that can be used for female Gamzee or Eridan!
submitted by satanic-kurloz
wig review

I ordered this wig you mentioned here for my Aradia cosplay. My order was placed on April 1. I’m tracking it on Amazon, and it says that the wig is still in China as of April 29. The estimated arrival date is around May 8. If anyone buys the wig, just order it early because it may take a while!

submitted by lexaluna

Some more wigs for you lot~

So, Im here to show you some more  Five Wit wigs that work perfectly for Homestuck characters~

Obilgatory Smoking Butterly, which is good for Karkat Vantas, Kankri Vantas and Jake English:

These wigs also works for many of the above characters:

Roxy Lalonde:

Equius Zahhak:

Cronus/Dualscar/Eridan base:

Ive submitted this before but here goes



Bang clips (for eridan?) :

Possible Rose wig?

Dave wig?

Vriska?/Jade?/Grand Highblood:


Perf eridan base wig:

Jade/Vriska? (also works for fef or aradia?)



I went through all of their wigs and thats everything uvu

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Removing and Adding Dye to Shoes

If you’re a Dave cosplayer and want red shoes but can only find black shoes this video is extremely useful. I’m not sure if this would work on other types of shoes, but it is definitely cheaper than buying red converse.

submitted by lovecraftianpsychoanalyst

Mod Note: As someone who knows professional dye techniques this video make me cry a little but it gets the point across enough I guess.

Nepeta wig!

So I was browsing eBay for a wig that looks somewhat like Nepeta’s, and I found this!

They’re on eBay UK, so it’s good for Nepeta cosplayers in England (like me!) and the style looks accurate and really cute.

submitted by karkittybitch

general post dump

Ears                             ~$5
Wig                             $28
Armsocks/Tights         $6 each
Unitard                        $27
Pink Fabric                  $6
Paints                                      $1 each
Eyeliner                       $3/set of 10
Pink Flats                    $14
Snazzaroo                    $6
Fiberglass Resin          $15/quart
Headbands                  $4/3

Purchase Reference:

To make the basic suit, you have pretty much 2 options. You can either buy a suit for probably around $27, or you can buy stretchy black fabric and sort of tailor it to your body. Depending on the style, one may be better than the other. Also, some people use a one piece swimsuit as a base for their cosplay. A headless zentai suit may also work.
Then, for the stripes you have a few options. You can buy stretchy pink fabric, around ¼ yard should be fine, and sew it into noodles and then sew it to your costume (buy @ JoAnne’s?). Another option is to paint the stripes yourself, using probably 2 bottles of pink acrylic paint for around $3. Depending on your skills one option may be better than the other. If you paint, you should DEFINITELY look into using Freezer paper. Straight lines are key. Another option is pink ribbon, though it may not stretch as nicely.

For a wig, you can either buy one long one, or a bunch of medium length ones to sew together. Depends on the preferred look. The wig I bought is here:
Makeup! You will need lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, and snazzaroo. Plus Baby Powder to seal it.
(eyeliner set)
(snazzaroo was bought at Texas Art Supply)
(Lipstick/Mascara via Walgreens)
Armsocks and tights! These matched the color of light grey snazzaroo very well. Use a tutorial to sew armsocks :p

Pink flats aren’t too hard to find, but these went up to a size 11 and were fairly cheap and comfortable after wearing them for 12+ hours!

While you can always buy your jewelry, there are methods for making your own. I used the paper mache method for making most of the bracelets. You cut out the bracelets’ shape out of cardboard, then tape the edges together, and then you use paper mache paste and some paper towels to wrap the cardboard. Once it dries, you paint it with gold paint and then when that dries cover it in Modge Podge (buy at michaels).
Making Bracelets out of cardboard and paper mache:
Also, you can use a softer base of craft foam, and then coat it in paint and then modge podge. While this is much quicker, it doesn’t look as nice and is a lot less durable. I used this method for making my tiara, since it was softer on my forehead.
Note: Rings are so cheap at places like wal mart, just bring a bunch of quarters next time you go to the supermarket and get some from one of those dumb machines.

I made the base horn out of papercraft, and then I coated them in resin. Once the resin dried, I painted the horns using normal acrylic paint (red, yellow, and a troll orange for color variation. Then I hot glued them to a headband, and then added a stretchy piece of string that fit under my chin. It did not show up in any photographs, and I had a large range of movement with the lightweight horns.

If you need really bright colored contacts, but also need them in prescription, then you might want to consider these:
They took about a month to deliver.
If you don’t need the contacts in prescription, then may I suggest this website:

For the 2x3 prong, I bought a thing of ¾ inch pvc pipe at home depot for $1, and then cut it to the right length using a saw. The tridenty part was made out of papercraft (link: To make it stronger, I highly suggest using fiberglass resin. Everything was then coated in gold spray paint, and pink ribbon was hot glued around the pole. Some people also just use clay, whatever works for you.

+Misc Info
Sewing Spandex:
A narrow zig-zag stitch from a regular machine with regular thread (but a “stretch” or a “ballpoint” needle—v. important, a regular machine needle will wreck spandex) will stretch out to a ‘straight’ stitch when the spandex stretches, and won’t break.
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general post dump

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Guide to making a wearable, easy to put on and remove head for Hearts Boxcars or Doc Scratch!

Link to Complete Tutorial!

Basic materials - 

  • 13” Hamster Ball
  • Hardhat
  • Dremel w/ diamond blade wheel
  • Hot glue or sturdier
  • Spray glue
  • Fabric

Based off a Deadmau5 tutorial by PastaNoodles!

submitted by hailants